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Wed, 03. Oct. 2018

Location: SA/WA Border Crossing WA 6443, Australia, (-31°38'19.5"S 129°00'05.3"E)

We were allowed back into WA. Apparently kids are not on the restricted list only fruit and vegetables and honey. I reckon someone on the border likes honey. Strange that we were asked about prawns and crabs and bait. 🦀🦀🦑🦑 Border Village BP is 15cpl dearer than the Caltex at Eucla.
GPS: -31.638746, 129.001464

Baxter Camp

Wed, 03. Oct. 2018

Location: Caiguna WA 6443, Australia, (32°21'41.8"S 124°47'14.5"E)

Only a 1,000 kms out now. Got 1.5 hours back today so we were able to stop early as well as a later start this morning. Sun is out but still windy. A couple of magpies have been in the trees and under our feet looking for food, so I might give the drone a miss until morning. A fire again tonight, but not much wood around. There are lots of tracks and bush camps and you can see all dead trees nearby have been trimmed by chainsaws. We gave the resident Maggie some bits of chicken and instead of eating it, he ran away and stashed it in the bush the came back for more. He did this until it was all gone.
GPS: -32.3616225, 124.78736328125004

The Final Night On The Road

Thu, 04. Oct. 2018

Location: Boorabbin WA 6429, Australia, (31°16'03.9"S 120°00'56.5"E)

Decided to make a few more kms today and arrive into Perth on Friday. Will camp one night at Julie's parents and the home on Saturday morning. We have had a house sitter for the time we have been away. Never again! One week in at the start they managed to leave the bird cage open, the internal door to garage open and the garage door up. And of course the Weiro flew out and has not been seen since. I mean really, I cannot say what I think. 😖😖😖😖 The kids were devastated when told, and I mean devastated. 😭😭😭😭 On a more enjoyable side. We are at a spot called Boorabbin Koorarawalyee 24hr Stop. Great spot. Very large and plenty of spots to choose from. Raining a little, so we are just chilling before dinner and game of Monopoly before bed and the final leg back to civilization.
GPS: -31.267757499999995, 120.01569140625001

An Overnighter

Fri, 05. Oct. 2018

Location: 234 Sultana Rd E, Forrestfield WA 6058, Australia, (31°58'08.5"S 116°00'37.3"E)

Dropped into Julie parents place for an overnight camp in their driveway. Going home in the morning.
GPS: -31.9690325, 116.01036328124998

Back At The Start

Sat, 06. Oct. 2018

Location: 17 Maple Pl, Maddington WA 6109, Australia, (32°03'36.2"S 116°00'18.3"E)

Arriving home can be a happy or a sad feeling. On one hand we are glad to be back and on the other we would like to be still doing what we have been doing. And now there is the house sitter. 😖😖😖😖 Without saying as much as we would like. Never, never, never, never again will we use a house sitter again. That is a whole story by itself. 🤢🤢🤢 That aside, what an amazing journey. It seems like a dream now it's over. It happened so fast. We saw and did so many things in such a short time. We met many families and couples who had been on the road for years or had just started with no fixed end date. The longest was a couple in Port Augusta that had been on the road for 11 years. They started when they were 70 years old. 🤗🤗🤗🤗 So we all have time. I have stats for the trip that I will upload as we start to find our feet back home. We hope you have enjoyed following our half lap around OZ.
GPS: -32.060062499999994, 116.00508203125

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