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Journeys - Mount Isa 2018

Mount Isa 2018

Devils Marbles
01-Lake Monndarra
02-Outback At Isa
03-Underground Mine Tour
04-Riversleigh Fossil Tour
05-Underground Hospital
06-Mount Isa

Lake Moondarra

Tue, 24. Jul. 2018

Location: Moondarra Lake BBQ area, Moondarra Dr, Mount Isa QLD 4825, Australia

Well what spot. The locals are so fortunate to have such an amazing resource just out of town. It has a boat ramp for small craft. A hugh swimming area. BBQ area with high grassed area. They run a triathalon club, canoe club and other stuff.
We also saw many birds, schools of fish in the dam. Aidyn saw a long fish eat a small fish. We spent 15 minutes looking at what we think was a water monitor laying on a rock in the shade. It looked dead, but then it moved its head just slightly when Taleah dropped a small pebble near it. With the Nikon camera you could just see its tongue flicking in and out. See the the other gallery for a photo. Get this! There were also quite a few pelicans on the lake. Kim saw a couple of pelicans catching fish as well as a Cattle Egret catching fish.
There were a couple of walks we could but I think we might have overdosed the kids on walks in the canyons. They were keen to walk the length of the dam wall. Probably 300 meters or more. There is a sign warning about crocodiles. There is a photo of a Johnston Croc caught at a fishing contest. So we guess the sign is right. Glad it is only freshwater crocs.
GPS: -20.588562800000002, 139.5766502

Outback Mount Isa.

Wed, 25. Jul. 2018

Location: Outback at Isa, 19 Marian St, Mount Isa QLD 4825, Australia

A history of Mount Isa Mine and its structure. Many samples of ore and stories to read. There is an outdoor garden around a large pond. This is associated with a fish hatchery that is used to stock Lake Moondarra.
GPS: -20.726615000000002, 139.49898700000003

Underground Mine Tour.

Wed, 25. Jul. 2018

Location: Hard Times Mine, 19 Marian St, The Gap QLD 4825, Australia

Unfortunately you weren't allowed to take photos on this tour. I did managed to sneak one though.
I am sure they only meant underground though. 🙄🙄🙄
We had to wear protective clothes hard hats and rubber boots. The tour guide, an ex employee called "Black Jack" was very good at the tour job. We won't hold it against him for being a Kiwi. 😉😉😉
This tour was very different from the Kalgoorlie one as you would expect being underground. We only go under about 20 meter and wander around some tunnels looking at mine machinery. Not sure if all of it still works but the underground loader with Cummins 903 was started and moved through the tunnel while we watched and listened. ?????? We got to put our hand on an air drill while it was operated by the guide. This was noisy and vibrated immensely. Had a cornish party and a cup of tea on the crib room. Recommended tour especially if you have not been in a mine shaft before.
GPS: -20.7263791, 139.49805709999998

Riversleigh Fossil Tour.

Wed, 25. Jul. 2018

Location: Riversleigh Fossil Fields, The Gap QLD 4825, Australia

Hadn't heard of Riversleigh before. It is a bit out of our way for this trip. It sounds amazing place to visit.
We found the talk informative. The presenter also worked there in the field and lab looking for and cataloging fossils.
It was an eye opener seeing the long process involved in get fossils out of rocks and the sorting through them. There was a microscope room to view the tiniest fossils.
GPS: -20.726505, 139.499381

Mt. Isa Underground Hospital.

Thu, 26. Jul. 2018

Location: Mount Isa Underground Hospital & Museum, Joan St, Mornington QLD 4825, Australia

A tunnel excavated by the miners in 1942 that was fully equipped and stocked but never used and then abandoned. Lots of old and more recent equipment is in the tunnels and the museum house to look through. The is also an example of a tent house which appeared to be the early form of housing for the area. The house was more building material than tent now. Assuming upgrades over the years have changed the structure. Many old household equipment inside. Kids free and $16.00 adults. Over 50 $14.00, pensioner rate. Cash only.
GPS: -20.731027299999997, 139.4946239
Entry Fee $30.00 AUD

And So We Leave Mount Isa.

Fri, 27. Jul. 2018

Location: Mount Isa Civic Centre, 23 West St, Mount Isa QLD 4825, Australia

Julie needed to get a couple badges for Mount Isa to sew onto her poncho. I reckon there will be no room on it soon and we will be buying another. 🤠🤠🤠 We have pulled into the library RV park but we don't fit in the bays. Not sure what they mean by the sign, we are only 15 meters long.
Julie may be awhile. It is easy to get distracted. Yep!! Just got a message off subject. A road map book. But the we probably need a good one. Most of the maps always seem to have something missing or are full of pictures and articles and short on detailed maps. Mount Isa is Katter Kountry. We have seen quite a few older gents wearing a Katter type hat. Go figure! 🤠🤠🤠
Must be getting bored waiting. I have given the caravan a chimney stack. LOL. 🤣🤣🤣
JM back without the map book. Telstra SMS is so slow sometimes. 🐌🐌🐌
Didn't get my reply until back at the car and now has to go back and get it. It is the cheapest we have seen the map book so far. Same price as online maps access but the pages are much bigger than a mobile. 📱📱📱
GPS: -20.725402000000003, 139.489833

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