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Journeys - Boulder and Kalgoorlie

Boulder and Kalgoorlie 2018

01-Boulder House
02-Taleahs Hair
04-Hannahs North Tourist Mine
05-Mount Charlotte
06-Hammond Park
07-Super Pit Tour
08-Kalgoorlie Pool

Quick Trip into Kalgoorlie

Wed, 04. Jul. 2018

265 Hannan St, Kalgoorlie WA 6430, Australia

Day 3: A bit of a look around the town and a few supplies. Visit the Tourist Information Building. Had to get some new glasses. Lost them somewhere. Will pick them up in Cairns. Kids sent of some post cards to friends. Stopped at 19 Brookman Street Boulder. This is where Kim's grandfather was born.
GPS: -30.748332500000004, 121.47184765624998

Taleah in Blue.

Wed, 04. Jul. 2018

Discovery Parks - Kalgoorlie Goldfields, 286 Burt St, Boulder WA 6432, Australia

Taleah get Blue. No school for a while. Hair color change for Taleah.
GPS: -30.782364899999997, 121.46998420000001

Royal Flying Doctor Service Tour

Thu, 05. Jul. 2018

Royal Flying Doctor Service, Broadwood WA 6430, Australia

At the Kalgoorlie Airport for a tour of the RFDS. Watched a video of a bit of the history. Got to see a Pilatus Turbo Pro made in Switzerland at a 6M price tag and the a 1M fit out in Australia. Also got to go inside for look.
GPS: -30.782630199999993, 121.46021359999999

Hannah's North Tourist Mine

Thu, 05. Jul. 2018

Hannans North Tourist Mine, 130 Goldfields Hwy, Hannans WA 6430, Australia

A glimpse into past mining operations. Decommission mine with shaft still in tact be secured off for safety. Some the infrastructure and buildings used in the mine field as far back as the gold rush days. c1900. You can plan for gold but think it might be just to keep the kids occupied. Taleah and me had a game of two up. No pennies, just 20 cent pieces. Still bitterly cold in the wind. Feels like 12°C.
GPS: -30.726613999999998, 121.47095900000001

Mount Charlotte Lookout

Thu, 05. Jul. 2018

Mount Charlotte Reservoir and Lookout, Sutherland St, Williamstown WA 6430, Australia

The look out is where the Mundaring to Kalgoorlie water pipeline ends. Mount Charlotte was the highest point in Kalgoorlie. Not high enough to see in the Super Pit though. So we suspect the mount of dirt around the Super Pit is now the highest point. Going to the Pit tomorrow.
GPS: -30.7384791, 121.47858740000001

Hammond Park

Thu, 05. Jul. 2018

99 Johnston St, Somerville WA 6430, Australia

This is a park with large grassed areas and kids play grounds. it also has birds in cages and roaming free. BBQ area and a cafe/shop. Had warm beverages and sat out of the wind. Nice. 🍵🍵🍵
GPS: -30.776726, 121.468071

Super Pit Blast

Thu, 05. Jul. 2018

KCGM Super Pit Lookout, Outram St, Fimiston WA 6432, Australia

Blasting at 4:30pm. Looking in the pit for the blast and it was on top at East Pike and of course missed a photo opportunity. A bit of let down. It was a smaller blast than expected.
GPS: -30.7893686, 121.5031672

Kalgoorlie Oasis Recreation Centre

Thu, 05. Jul. 2018

277 Burt St, Victory Heights WA 6432, Australia

Took kids to the pool for a swim. I did a few laps (4kms) while kids played in the leisure pool. What great pool. The 50m can be converted into two 25m pools of 10 lanes each. The leisure pool has 3 mini lanes an a great area for place. Lots curves to hide in. What aGreat pool. 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️ It was a great move, Aidyn & Taleah were both better behaved and went to bed earlier and easier. 🤗🤗🤗

GPS: -30.782177499999992, 121.46840234374994

What A Brisk Morning.

Fri, 06. Jul. 2018

277 Burt St, Victory Heights WA 6432, Australia

IT WAS 1.8°C OUTSIDE AND 5.6°C INSIDE THIS MORNING. 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 We are not used to this! Thankfully it was a warm sunny morning after than. No wind like yesterday.
GPS: -30.782177499999992, 121.46840234374994

Hannahs Super Pit Tour

Fri, 06. Jul. 2018

Super Pit Internal Viewing Platform, Fimiston WA 6432, Australia

DAY 5: Here we go here we go!!
Running late and the bus had to wait for us. Fun walking on to a bus that is full and everyone looking at you. Wonder what they we all thinking. 😬😬😬 You don't get to go to the bottom for obvious reasons, but it is an amazing sight from higher up just the same. Well as tours goes this was fairly average. The tour guide seem knowlegdeable but some his facts differed from the written. He talked about points of interest but did not always indicate where to look. Any questions ask he responded to but did not repeat the question in case you missed the question. The rest of the tour through the ore processing site. All viewed from the bus. Typical ore processing process. Went to the Look Out again to see another blast for the advertised time of 4:30pm but the blast went off at 3:30pm. 😖😖😖 Go figure!!
GPS: -30.7824228, 121.51148119999999