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 Weather Station

Weather Station
Elevation is 20 m. Last upload was at 5:13pm on 26/04/18

Current Inside Temperature is: 23.4°C
Current Outside Temperature is: 21.8°C and the WIND CHILL is 21.8 °:C
Outside Minimum temperature was 12.2°C at 12:16am
Outside Maximum temperature was 28.5°C at 1:21pm
The barometer is 1013.8 hPa and Rising Slowly
The wind speed was: 3.2 km/hr from the SW (217 degrees)
Weather Data using Cumulus Software

Partly cloudy and cooler.

Moon Phase
Current Moon Phase
Sunrise: 6:44am.
Sunset: 5:43pm.

Current Wind Speed
Current Wind Direction Current Wind Direction
Daily Rain Graph
Rainfall today: 0.0 mm. Month to date: 27.6 mm. Year to date: 135.2 mm.

Earth Winds & Waves

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