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September 29, 2021 - 13:22:28 PM

Frogs That Could Be In Our Pond

Clicking Crinia
Crinia glauerti
Males Call: like a 'pea rattling in a can'.

Look for: belly lumpy with black and white patchwork.
Breeding season: winter through to early summer.
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Moaning Frog
Heleioporus eyrei
Males Call: a long drawn out moan.

Look for: brown and grey back with yellow patch on side of body.
Breeding Season: late autumn.
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Motorbike Frog
Litoria moorei
Males Call: 'grr,grr,grr'
(like a motorbike changing gears)

Look for: webbed toes, green and gold back.
Breeding Season: late spring through summer.
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Quacking Frog
Crinia georgiana
Males Call: a loud 'quack'

Look for: red patches between legs, red or gold eyelids.
Breeding season: winter.
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Slender Tree Frog
Litoria adelaidensis
Males Call: 'screech'

Look for: webbed toes, yellow or red spotting on back of legs.
Breeding season: late winter and spring.
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Squelching Crinia
Crinia insignifera
Males Call: a low 'squelch'

Look for: belly with grey spots.
Breeding season: winter.
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Turtle Frog
Myobatrachus gouldii
Males Call: deep croaks

Look for: small head on fat body, skin loose fitting.
Breeding season: late summer.
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Western Banjo Frog
Limnodynastes dorsalis
Male Call: single, very loud 'bonk'

Look for: red around base of legs, pale line down centre of back.
Breeding season: winter and spring.
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