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Journeys - Laverton to Tjukayirla 2018

Laverton to Tjukayirla Roadhouse 2018

01-The Great Central Road
02-Flood Plain Camp
03-Flood Plain (Drone)
04-Tjukayirla Roadhouse

Laverton Goodbye

Mon, 09. Jul. 2018

Location: Laverton Caravan Park & Accommodation , Western Australia, Lot 211 Weld Dr, Laverton WA 6440, Australia

DAY 8:
Leaving the caravan park for fuel and we are on our way.
GPS: -28.624996999999997, 122.406157

First Stop on Great Australian Drive

Mon, 09. Jul. 2018

Location: A random flood plain, Cosmo Newbery WA 6440

Didn't seem to be much choice. Came across a large dry flood plain or salt flat. Nice warm afternoon around 20°c being a quiet a few degrees warmer than we have had the last week. So here we are. Setting up for the night. Having tacos tonight. Starting a camp fire tonight. Aidyn is so wanting a camp fire. Collected rocks. Really hard to find but managed to get enough. Plenty of dry wood around and there we have it. The first time the kids were more interested in the fire than eating. 😳😳 Took the drone for a fly before the sun went down. Got some ok shots. Had a great night sitting by a better than average camo fire looking at the stars. The photos do not di justice to the sky last night. Need a wide angle camera.
GPS: -27.917345068756664, 123.61556919291615

Kev's Campspot: Day 9

Tue, 10. Jul. 2018

Location: A random flood plain, Cosmo Newbery WA 6440

Watched the sun come up this morning. By myself, no takers from the crew this morning. It was -3.5°c outside and 2.1°c inside. Mob of pikers!! 😆😆 It was delightful to get warmed by the sun as it rose. It is now 7:30am and the first car has flicked by. A mine car by the looks. All have had breakfast an ready to clean up and head to Tjukayirla Roadhouse. We expect to get half way on to Warburton and look for a camp stop. Fueled up 2 x 20 liter Jerry cans plus 89 litres in the car $1.699 cpl). Should be enough. I understand next fuel at Tjukayirla Roadhouse at 300 kms. Departed at 9:00am.
GPS: -27.917367584363078, 123.61558461561799 Expenditure:
Fuel $219.49 AUD

Tjukayirla Roadhouse

Tue, 10. Jul. 2018

Location: The Great Central Road, Lake Wells WA 6440

Just brief stop. Got some fuel, 62 litres at $2.00 per litre. The guy at the road was chatty. He indicated that the fuel gets dearer as you go east. We will see if he is right. 🤔🤔 A van and single car travelling together pulled in. Said they were going to Cape York. A group of 4 motorcycles that we had already passed on the side of the road pull in as well. Said they were going to a place called Fink. 😯😯 Never heard of it. Guess I will have to look it up. Not really lunch time but we grabbed some Roadhouse chips and toasted sangers. Oh! We had forgotten the marshmallows for the campfires and the roadhouse just happen to have some. Well spotted by Aidyn. 🤪🤪🤪 Headed off at 11:30am.
GPS: -27.155262540258803, 124.57485219463706
Fuel $128.00 AUD
Food $45.00 AUD
Marshmallows $5.00 AUD