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November 21, 2019 - 15:08:11 PM
Julie, Kim, Aidyn & Taleah (JKAT) We are heading off around Australia, well partly around Australia. Our aim at the start is to go via The Great Central Road to Cairns and the work our way down the east coast. We have just over three months. Ninety nine days to be exact. We will see if we come back early or stay longer. Although both Aidyn and Taleah do want to be back at school for some events in term 4. While we do have some places that are in our visit list the journey will be a little fluid as we may decide to spend more time in one place or another depending on how much there is to see. We do want to climb Ayers Rock (Uluru) NT. The kids really want to see the Dinosaur Stampede south of Winton QLD. Not sure if we will go direct east from Alice Springs on not at this stage. We will see what to road is like when in Alice Springs. In Cairns we do want to travel out to the Great Barrier Reef and do some snorkeling. After that we will travel along the east coast. This could be a problem for time as there will be so many places and things to see. We would like to make sure Aidyn and Taleah gets to see the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Aidyn and Taleah keep asking if we will see snow. This is probably where we will be tight for time.
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And so all great things must end. We traveled 18,988 kilometres in 97 days and used 3,647 litres of diesel in 48 fills at a cost of $5,736.00. We averaged 19.06 L/100km (or 5.35 km/L). We went and saw and did all that we set out to do. We did so much more and than we planned. Australia is such a large place with so much to see that we also did not see other things that we would have liked to see. We guess that will be on another trip on another day.