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Journeys - Kalgoorlie to Laverton 2018

Kalgoorlie to Laverton 2018

01-Leaving Boulder
03-Niagra Dam
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Menzies WA

Sat, 07. Jul. 2018

Location: Menzies visitor centre, 35 Shenton St, Menzies WA 6436, Australia

DAY 6:
Had wonder around Menzies. Very quiet. Most everything shuts by 2:00pm. Hard to imagine it was once a vibrant town in the Gold Rush days. Lots of facilities. Looks like Royalties For Regions has had a hand in it.
GPS: -29.6937958, 121.02875509999998

Niagara Dam

Sat, 07. Jul. 2018

Location: Niagara Dam, Kookynie WA 6431

Over night free camp between Menzies & Leonora. A great large area which can accommodate many campers. Has a drop toilet and a dump point. The toilet was full to the top. The kids rode their bike around the whole area it seems. They found other kids to talk to, so that made them happier. They were a bit disappointed at Boulder. No kids on the caravan park. We played a few games with them before bed and they went willingly for a change.
GPS: -29.405832380579575, 121.42750957980752

Leaving Niagara Dam.

Sun, 08. Jul. 2018

Niagara Dam, Kookynie WA 6431

DAY 7:
Missed the sunrise. Could not get out of bed. Still not used to the cold mornings. 5.1°c outside 3°c warmer in the van. Time for walk around the Walk Trails. The Beakaway Trail & The Around the Dam Trail.🙄 Bumped into a chatty couple from QLD and had to skip the walks. Heading for Leonora about 10:30 am.
GPS: -29.40588261840223, 121.42754277214408

Gwalia Ghostown.

Sun, 08. Jul. 2018

Location: Gwalia Ghost Town, 15 Manning St, Leonora WA 6438, Australia

The museum is free and has heaps of stuff the look at and has an audio tour. You need a couple of hours or more to get through everything. It does give you an appreciation of the past and how people lived. I found the local Gwalia swimming pool but I think it was close. 😉 No swim today. See photo below. Check out the black poly pipe picknick table seats below. Might be ok in winter but I expect they would be a tad warm in summer. Had lunch and skipping Leonora. Apparently there was an Aboriginal Funeral yesterday an it was not recommended to stay any length of time there.
GPS: -28.913622399999994, 121.33043459999999


Sun, 08. Jul. 2018

Location: Leonora WA 6438, Australia

There was a warning about an Aboriginal Funeral in Leonora and we were advised that it may not be a good idead to stop. Boogied right on through. All looks quiet to me. 🤔🤔🤔
GPS: -28.8854693, 121.32581789999999

Laverton Caravan Park

Sun, 08. Jul. 2018

Location: Laverton Caravan Park & Accommodation , Western Australia, Lot 211 Weld Dr, Laverton WA 6440, Australia

Arrived later than expected but all good. Setup easy, getting better. Julie drove from Niagara Dam to Laverton and parked the van. 😎😎 The caravan Park has a sliding gate that shuts at 6:00pm and opens again at 7:00am. Access in and out by pin number. Well well, wonder why. 🤔 Tonight planning the next few days free camping on the way to Uluru.
GPS: -28.624996999999997, 122.406157
Accomodation 35.00 AUD