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Journeys - Perth to Kalgoorlie 2018

Perth to Kalgoorlie 2018

01-The Start
02-The First Night
03-First Day On The Road
05-Caravan Park

The Start of Our Big Adventure

Mon, 02. Jul. 2018

Location: 17 Maple Pl, Maddington WA 6109, Australia

Ready to go. Oops.....
I forgot the UHF long range antenna.
Had to go back home and get it. Well!! that was good start. 😂 Raining heaps. Road very wet.
GPS: -32.0600976, 116.0051542

Stopped for Food

Mon, 02. Jul. 2018

Location: Coles, Great Eastern Hwy & Stoneville Rd, Mundaring Village Shopping Centre, Mundaring WA 6073, Australia

Not easy to find somewhere to get a bite to eat with a caravan in tow. Getting some chips to carry over to dinner. No one had time for lunch. Parked in the back street. Julie went for chips in the rain.
GPS: -31.9008066, 116.16677279999999

First Night - Merredin Free Camp

Mon, 02. Jul. 2018

Location: Merredin WA 6415, Australia

Meredin Peak Heritage Trail. Stayed the night and caught up on some zzzz we lost getting ready to leave. Rained most of the night. Great night sleep! ?? Sun coming up now. Still we but clearing up. Kids still asleep. Tried making lots of noise but no movement yet. 💃🕺 Looks like it going to to a nice day. 🤗 Left for Kalgoorlie about 9:15 am.
GPS: -31.475527500000002, 118.29205859375001

Parking Bay Stop

Tue, 03. Jul. 2018

Location: Great Eastern Highway, Ghooli WA 6426

Morning Tea just out of Southern Cross. Felt rather Grey Nomadish stopping for morning tea. 🤔🤔 Any way it was enjoyable not being a rush to be somewhere.
GPS: -31.25584474512459, 119.45653019472957

Coolgardie for Fuel

Tue, 03. Jul. 2018

Location: 74 Bayley St, Coolgardie WA 6429, Australia

Under estimated the fuel from Merredin to Boulder. Made Coolgardie with 50 kms of fuel to spare. Car fuel said 19.0L/100km. Stopped at the tourist info & to have a bit of lunch. Headed for Boulder at 2:30pm.
GPS: -30.954582499999997, 121.16350390624993
Fuel 187.99 AUD


Tue, 03. Jul. 2018

Location: Discovery Parks - Kalgoorlie Goldfields, 286 Burt St, Boulder WA 6432, Australia

Arrive for a few days sight seeing in Kalgoorlie/Boulder before heading off to the Great Central. Still sorting out various thing in the JB Caravan. Nothing serious. More like where to put what and ways of doing thinks. The cruiser seems to handle the extra weight better than expected. We did have a tail wind all the way from Perth. I think it was well worth the money spent at Toyotune. Thanks Alan. 😁😁😁 The JB will be quicker to set up than the Jayco Expanda. Especially when we have our routine sorted.
GPS: -30.782364899999997, 121.46998420000001
Accomodation 221.80 AUD