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Journeys - Esperance 2014

Esperance 2014

01-Jayco Expanda
02-The Farm
03-On The Road
06-Cape Le Grand
08-Munglingup Beach
09-Bremer Bay
10-Stirling Ranges

Our First Journey the Jayco Expanda

Sat, 06. Dec. 2014

Location: 17 Maple Pl, Maddington WA 6109, Australia

Leaving home on our first trip away withe new Jayco Expanda. New car as well. Guess we will see how much we can use it. Heading for the farm and stay overnight with Mum & Dad. I suppose it is a bit of a test while still in familiar territory. Did a brief stop in Byford to drop Julie off at a talk which Mum was going to as well. The kids and I went on to the farm and Mum and Julie turned up later after the talk.
GPS: -32.059974499999996, 116.00501059999999

A Night at the Farm

Sat, 06. Dec. 2014

Location: 1987 S Western Hwy, Jarrahdale WA 6124, Australia

Basic setup in the front of the farm house. Put the awning up. More as practice really. Had dinner with Mum and Dad and slept overnight for a casual morning departure. Kids we excited, but went to sleep rather well considering.
GPS: -32.32437, 116.00631999999999

Travelling to Hyden

Sun, 07. Dec. 2014

Location: Kulin WA 6365, Australia

Left the farm about 9:00am an travelled back to Jarrahdale Road and on to Albany Highway. Turned off at North Bannister on the North Bannister-Wandering Road. Then the Wandering-Pingelly Road and headed for Cuballing. Then to Wickepin, Kulin, London and on to Hyden. A few photos of the lakes between Kulin and Kondinin.
GPS: -32.67, 118.15

Hyden - We arrive

Sun, 07. Dec. 2014

Location: Wave Rock Caravan Park, 1 Wave Rock Rd, Hyden WA 6359, Australia

Arrived without incident. Got set up in under an hour. The temperature was in the mid thirties. We went for a bit of wall to that Wave Rock for look. Decided it was getting a bit too dark to see and we would have more time in the morning.
GPS: -32.441815299999995, 118.8969906

Wave Rock Hyden

Mon, 08. Dec. 2014

Location: Wave Rock, lot 6359, Lot 4 Lovering Rd, Hyden WA 6359, Australia

Early start and a short walk to the entrance to Wave Rock. Hopefully the temperature will be ok on the morning. We spent a couple of days at Hyden and saw just about everything there was to see. It is a rather amazing structure with some interesting history. There is a history muesem across the road from the caravan park. There is also an animal zoo. It had 5 white kangaroos. Could not find the sixth.
GPS: -32.4437656, 118.8975191

Esperance And It's Coast

Tue, 09. Dec. 2014

Location: Esperance Seafront Caravan Park, Goldfields Rd, Castletown WA 6450, Australia

It was very windy as we arrived with the onshore breeze. Our size was on the front row facing the water. Good for the view but no so good for the wind. It took two hours to setup. This was the first time puttingup the annex and I did not have ladder. The top of the popup of the Jayco Expanda it higher than expected.
We took the kids fishing on the local jetty. Both Aidyn and Taleah caughttheir first fish. It was an exciting day for them. Later we visted the town centre and museum where Aidyn tried to get run over by a tank.
GPS: -33.8461363, 121.9023902