Sat, 14. Jul. 2018

Bike Ride Around Uluru.


Uluru Walking Point, Uluru NT 0872, Australia


DAY 13: Left the Caravan Park about 9:15am and headed to Uluru for a bike ride around the rock. we took about 2:15 hours. Certainly easier than walking but I believe you would see more walking and be able to take in more. Having lunch before we heading into Yulara for fuel water an dump point for our grey water at 1:15pm. Did the dump point which has a sign out of order on it. Not sure what that meant as the pipe in the ground looked good to me so in it went. 🤭🤭🤭 Could not drop the grey water as the pipe was higher than the tank outlet. Got going at 2:15pm.

GPS: -25.3431422, 131.0217085

Sat, 14. Jul. 2018

Uluru to Kings Canyon Best Overnighter Camp Site.


Camp for tonight. On top of a ridge about 1km off the Luritja Road. Nice view across the valley to the plain. The southern end would have had better sunset. The northern end has the sun setting behind a knoll. Took about an hour to find enough wood for a fire. This a well used site and you can see many dead tree that have been chain sawn up. We think we have enough. Well, there was quite enough wood for our meager purposes. Now 8:00pm and all are turning in, the fire has just died an only the coals are left. There is still a nice radiant heat coming from the coals. As the coals continue to fade the darkness begins to envelope the night and our eyes start to get accustomed to the lack of light and the brightness of the sky becomes apparent. It seems you never get tired of this night time view of the Australian sky with the abundance of stars and The Milky Way. And of course the Southern Cross. There goes a car on the road heading south, and with that good night "Goodnight Young Kenny". 😔😔😔

GPS: -24.93319805920076, 132.2811478190124
Sun, 15. Jul. 2018

Day 14: Leaving Camp.


Had breakfast & ready to go. Earliest we have been on the road. The kids still don't want to get up. Although Aidyn was up and ready to go earlier. It was only 8°c this morning so much easier to rise and shine. Due to the time zone the sun seems to get up later.

GPS: -24.93326828973204, 132.2811313904822