Gardiner Family

Gardiner Family

The Return Journey.

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The Ferry Return.

Mon, 20. Aug. 2018


The Daintree Ferry N, Forest Creek QLD 4873, Australia


We left the Cape Trib Camping park at about 9:30am. It would have 45 minutes earlier except for saying goodbye to our neighbours which turned in a general discussion about what we have done and what we were going to do. It seems that they are heading for the Big4 in Airlie Beach as well and we will probably see them again. The kid think this great meeting the friends they make again as we travel. I guess we will see what the road back is like towing the van. Well that was yet another test! 🙄🙄🙄 At least on way in you had a solid wall as opposed to a shear drop off through the forest. Some of the trees on the way back lean towards the road. That kept you on your toes. And they always seemed to be on a bend. Met the steam of traffic from the ferry coming towards us including a rubbish truck on the narrow windy section. Had to stop on the bend and let the rubbish truck pass so I could get around the bend. I needed a little of the other side of the road so that the van's wheels didn't drop off the road and onto the shoulder. The shoulder is only about 300mm wide before the drop. Saw another Cassowary. It was crossing the road right in front of us again. Had to break hard to stop, didn't see it until I heard Julie yell out. Funny thing, it was almost in the exact same place as we saw the very first one. We were debating if we were just seeing the same one over and over again. 😂😂😂 Whew, on the ferry and onwards we go. 🤗🤗🤗
GPS: -16.2585932, 145.39885529999998